Help Gazans rebuild their lives today with furniture or rental support for their new homes
What are we doing to help?

In the aftermath of recent conflicts, many Gazans are seeking to rebuild their lives in new places, with Australia being a beacon of hope for many families. Your support is crucial in helping these families find stability and comfort in their new homes. By donating to our cause, you can make an immediate and meaningful impact. Ausrelief is providing support in four key areas: rental assistance, medical support, food and groceries, and new furnishings. Your contributions will go directly towards these essential needs, ensuring that Gazan families can transition smoothly to life in Australia.

We are providing support in real time, responding to the urgent needs of these families as they arise. However, the costs associated with this critical assistance are blowing out of proportion due to the high demand and rising prices. Imagine the difference a safe and furnished home can make for a family that has lost everything. Together, we can offer hope and a fresh start. Join us in this vital mission—donate today and help Gazans rebuild their lives with dignity and security in Australia.

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Join AusRelief in improving the lives of all and making a difference. Together, let's bring smiles and alleviate hardships. Your donation can create a positive impact!
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