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5 million children die each year from preventable illness

In the 21st century, no child should be dying from a fever or preventable diseases. Investing in health projects in underdeveloped countries is not just a matter of humanitarian aid; it's a strategic investment in the future of these nations, especially for the wellbeing of children. 

With approximately 400 million people lacking access to essential health services and an estimated 156 million children suffering from malnutrition induced stunting, the scale of health challenges in these regions is staggering. Additionally, neglected tropical diseases affect an estimated 1.7 billion people globally. There is an urgent need for comprehensive health interventions.

The right to health is fundamental, serving as the foundation upon which other human rights can be realised. Without adequate health care, individuals cannot lead lives of dignity, achieve educational milestones, secure employment, or access basic necessities such as food and shelter. It’s a moral imperative upon us to invest in restoring the health of underdeveloped nations.

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