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1.1 million Palestinians are displaced

Since early October, a significant escalation has led to continuous airstrikes on Gaza, intensifying an already strict blockade by Israel. This blockade has critically limited access to essentials like food, water, medicine, and electricity, pushing the enclave toward extreme humanitarian distress. 

Currently, Gaza faces the grim prospect of famine, with alarming rates of acute malnutrition among children under five. The conflict has displaced over three quarters of Gaza's population, with many seeking refuge multiple times in a desperate quest for safety.

Housing infrastructure has suffered immensely, with over 60% of residences damaged or completely destroyed. Medical facilities are under siege, and the remnants of warfare pose a constant danger to civilians. In Rafah, a city near the Egyptian border, over a million residents live in fear of further military actions, having already evacuated from northern Gaza with no safe destination left.

AusRelief has been on the ground in Palestine since 2020, tirelessly working to mitigate the harsh realities of occupation and conflict. Despite obstacles, our dedicated teams, along with local partners, persist in delivering critical assistance. We've managed to supply medical necessities to hospitals and support vulnerable families with essential supplies, including meals, hygiene kits and soon will be delivering tents to homeless families. 

Q: What is the Palestine crisis appeal?

A: The Palestine crisis appeal is a humanitarian emergency response to the crisis in Gaza, providing essential support to more than 1.9 million people affected by the conflict.

Q: Who can I donate to for the Palestine crisis appeal?

A: You can donate to AusRelief, an organization actively involved in providing emergency relief to the people of Palestine.

Q: Why is psychosocial support important in the Palestine crisis?

A: Psychosocial support is crucial in the Palestine crisis to address the emotional and psychological impact of the conflict on individuals, especially children who have been exposed to traumatic experiences.

Q: How can I contribute to the humanitarian efforts in Palestine?

A: You can contribute by donating funds or essential supplies or volunteering with AusRelief, which provides emergency response, medical supplies, hygiene kits, and psychosocial support to those in need.

Q: How is AusRelief responding to the crisis in Palestine?

A: AusRelief has been working tirelessly since the crisis began, providing emergency shelter, food, medical supplies, and cash assistance to the internally displaced Palestinian population.

Q: When is the projected end date for the emergency humanitarian response in Palestine?

A: The emergency humanitarian response in Palestine is ongoing, with no definitive end date, as the situation remains critical and millions of people continue to require urgent assistance and support.

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