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10% of the world is starving

In an age of technological advancements, one might expect solving world hunger to be within our grasp. Yet, the harsh reality is that about 258 million people making 3.25% of the global population urgently need food aid. This stark statistic shows the critical importance of global solidarity and action in addressing hunger.

Previously, food aid accounted for over 20% of global aid in the 1960s, a figure that has now dwindled to under 5%. Despite this decline, the need for food aid is more pressing than ever, especially with the rise in food emergencies over the last decade. AusRelief’s efforts in 16 countries have shown the undeniable impact and necessity of food aid in combating hunger.

The challenge of global hunger extends beyond mere food distribution; it requires a holistic approach that addresses underlying issues like poverty, conflict, and climate change. We are committed to not just meeting immediate needs but also to fostering long term resilience and food security through sustainable practices, education, and local empowerment. This could only be possible through your help. Donate generously to keep us going.

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