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1 in 2 people don't have access to clean water

Having access to a decent toilet, a facility that should be readily available at home, school, work, and in public spaces, is a fundamental human right that safeguards people from hazardous diseases and upholds their dignity. 

Two billion people worldwide, one in four, still don’t have toilet facilities. This dire situation shows the urgency and necessity of directing attention and resources towards water and sanitation projects in underdeveloped regions, to ensure that everyone enjoys the basic conveniences and protections that are critical for health and wellbeing.

The scarcity of clean water exacerbates the spread of diseases, escalates child mortality rates, and impedes economic advancement. Investing in the infrastructure for water and sanitation not only has the potential to save countless lives but also fosters sustainable development by boosting agricultural productivity, empowering communities, and alleviating poverty. 

Your generous contribution allows us to collaborate with skilled contractors and local partners to execute these water well projects efficiently. Through your support, families gain access to clean water, children experience better health and education prospects, and farmers can cultivate fertile lands, breaking free from the cycle of poverty.

Q: What is AusRelief and what does it do?

A: AusRelief is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building water wells and providing safe and clean drinking water to communities around the world.

Q: Why is building water wells critical?

A: Access to safe and clean water is essential for basic human hygiene and health. Around the world, millions of people don't have access to clean water and, as a result, suffer from illness and disease.

Q: What is the water crisis, and how does it impact people's lives?

A: The water crisis is the lack of access to safe drinking water that affects millions of people around the world. This crisis results in illness and disease, particularly among women and children in developing regions.

Q: How does AusRelief contribute to solving the water crisis?

A: AusRelief builds water wells in communities around the world, providing access to clean and safe drinking water. This helps reduce the number of people affected by the water crisis and saves lives.

Q: What is sadaqah, and how does donating to AusRelief relate to it?

A: Sadaqah is a voluntary charity donation made by Muslims as an act of worship. AusRelief accepts sadaqah donations to fund its water projects, fulfilling Muslims' religious obligations while also contributing to a noble cause.

Q: Can non-Muslims donate to AusRelief?

A: Yes, AusRelief accepts donations from anyone who wishes to contribute to its water projects and supports its mission of providing safe and clean drinking water to communities in need.

Q: Why is supporting water projects one of the best charities to donate to?

A: Water projects are among the best charities to donate to because they have a significant impact on people's lives. By providing access to clean water, these projects help reduce the incidence of illness and disease, promote better hygiene, and save lives.

Q: How does AusRelief ensure that its water wells are built most effectively?

A: AusRelief works with local communities to identify the region where the water well is most needed and then partners with local contractors to ensure that the well is built cost-effectively and sustainably.

Q: What is the cost of building a water well?

A: The cost of building a water well can vary depending on the region and the resources available. However, on average, it costs around $1,000 to build a well and provide access to safe and clean drinking water for a whole community.

Q: How can I get involved with AusRelief's mission?

A: There are several ways to support AusRelief's water projects. You can make a donation online, start a fundraising campaign, or volunteer to help promote the charity's mission and events.

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