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Education Sponsorship Program

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We say that education is a basic right of a child for without an education, a child’s future is more often beset with a life of hardship and poverty.

Our field operations team has spent considerable time in South East Asia and have witnessed firsthand the lack of resources and expertise in school operations. This inevitably leaves schools unable to operate and further compounding the impact on the lives of children. Children in severely impoverished communities are deprived of basic education due to the financial burden upon families - further perpetuating the cycle of poverty.

We are supporting school development in the following:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Teach the teacher programs
  • Teacher employment, development and bursary programs
  • Computer literacy programs
  • Equipping schools with basic needs like tables, chairs, white & black boards
  • Equipping school with Smart boards and computers
  • Building Water and Sanitation facilities for school use

We make meaningful change within a schools infrastructure and management. This translates into meaningful changes in the lives of children.

We also share Australian education talent with these schools by bringing in Australian teachers to assist in capacity building exercises with our Teach the Teacher programs.

Ultimately, it's our goal to give a child all the tools for a world class education. Sponsoring a child’s education allows us to equip a child with the knowledge and skills required to break out of the poverty cycle.

We encourage you to assist our efforts in whatever form you possibly can. Your sponsorship will assist us with the above and at a minimum assist a child in learning how to read and write by paying for school fees, textbooks, uniforms and stationery.

Please us empower children to take control of their lives and create an income-generating future for themselves and their communities and relieve them of the burden of relying on donations.