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Cambodia Ramadan Campaign

By Osman Karolia

Cambodia Ramadan Campaign

Raised of $2,000.00
This fundraiser started at 7:38 AM, 16th May AEST and will end at 9:00 AM, 27th May AEST

Next week i will be heading overseas for 2 AusRelief programs in South East Asia. Rohingya Refugee assistance program and then on to Cambodia in some of the poorest and toughest rural communities.

Inspired by my Muslim faith I live by some simple rules, charity doesn’t diminish wealth and if you help others it’s like you helping all of humanity. Simply be the change you would like to see in the world.

Help me assist those in need and in poverty during the last days of Ramadan as we move into Eid by purchasing a $50 food pack which will feed a family of 4-6 for a month. If we can help improve the life of 1 person in whatever positive way, then it may be that which is a shade for us on the Day of Reckoning.

Please IM me with any requests for special donations

Water Well

Education Support

Ramadan Food packs( i will delivering them myself personally alongside my colleagues from AusRelief) $50 will provide a food pack which feeds a family of 4-6 for a month



Osman Karolia

Head of Community Engagement at Unity Grammar, previous principal of a number of schools, human rights, local and international aid campaigner/volunteer

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