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132 million children live orphaned in developing countries

Imagine waking up and finding that you have lost both your parents and all or most of your family. Imagine being born and not ever knowing your family, never feeling the warm embrace of a mother or father. Imagine not having the shoulder of a mother or father to cry on in times of hardship - that hardship is part of your daily life.

Well, this is the life that is experienced by billions of infants and children worldwide.

To add to their misery, these children who are living on the streets begging for food and water are further psychologically, physically and sexually exploited.

You can help break this vicious cycle of poverty and exploitation by helping us setup orphanages and safe houses, which provide care and well-being for these children in a safe and secure environment.

These safe houses not only provide a safe environment for children but allows our education program to run trouble free. This helps the orphan reintegrate into the school system after years of educational neglect.

In addition to education, these children are given cultural and life skills, which can be used to help reintegrate them into their own society and retain their identities.

Your donation will be utilized by the orphanage and not the individual child. We find this gives all children in our centre, a chance to grow and develop equally.

Despite the above, we have one-on-one sponsorship of an orphans education once they are re-integrated into the school system - generally at a High school level.Sponsorship at this level aims to support orphans to buying textbooks, schoolbag, stationary, uniforms and pay nominal school fees.

Your sponsorship may also assist an orphan secure a place at a university. Experience naturally shows us that such higher level education breaks the poverty cycle and helps returning students contribute to their respective communities.

Help us create a brighter future for children who have only ever experienced a dark past. Help build a sustainable future where disadvantaged children can grow to become self-sufficient adults for both themselves and their community.

Quick Donation
Join AusRelief in improving the lives of all and making a difference. Together, let's bring smiles and alleviate hardships. Your donation can create a positive impact!
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